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Mobile asset management

Today you offer transportation of goods. But what happens with the goods on its journey? We offer you transportation information.

Take control over your logistics

Would you like to know where your goods are at any point in time? Do you need to know if the goods had a shaky or smooth transportation, what temperature it has been exposed to, or if it has been kept dry the entire journey? It can be done. With our mobile asset management solution – based on advanced trackers, sensors and a web service – you can get all this.

Positioning & sensor data

Take control. With Mobiam you know where the goods are, when it passes each waypoint detection and if it deviates from the intended path. You can also collect sensor data, such as humidity, movement and temperature.

Outdoor & indoor

Using the latest available technologies for our trackers, you will always get a valid position of your goods, both outdoors and indoors, with seamless transitions. Indoors, we can provide positioning accuracy from meters down to even millimeter ranges.

Worry-free service

Data traffic costs are included in our service, so the goods can move across country boundaries without extra charge, and we manage the hardware for you. It’s all included in the service.


By standing on a firm foundation of big data and analytics competence from the mobile phone business, we can provide you with tailor-made insights for your business.

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